Free Thanksgiving planner 8.5x11

Monday, November 14, 2016

Hey Everyone :)

Thanksgiving is in less than 2 weeks. Currently the weather here in Kansas is warmer than normal so I'm having a hard time wrapping around my head that it's Thanksgiving soon. Luckily I have my many calendars to double check on ;)

As you can see below, I have a 3 page printable for all your Thanksgiving needs. 

First page is your actual meal planner. I broke the sections into 6 different groups for easy listing of your Thanksgiving items. You could easily print this and leave it on the table as a menu for your dinner guests :) 

Second page is your shopping list. It contains 36 boxes with a check box so you can ensure you are getting all your thanksgiving staples before the big day. 

Final page is your cooking schedule. I have broke it down for you from the 5:00 a.m. up till 9:00 p.m. I have also included a side box to the right for any notes or items you need to write down that you don't want to forget. 

I have only one size in this printable for you today since Thanksgiving is so close. It's printed on standard 8 1/2 x 11. You can print it and put it on your refrigerator or clip it on your clip board and carry it around the house with you. Whatever you wish. Please Enjoy :) 

Until next time,

Mrs Brimbles October Instagram Challenge

Sunday, October 2, 2016
Its time for one of my favorite Instagram Challenges! For one it's Fall and I ABSOLUTELY love fall and two I love Mrs Brimbles October Instagram challenge. I completed it last year and I cant wait to get started again.

This year I took her IG photo challenge listing and I added a table to it. This way you can write out your ideas ahead or as you go. Sometimes its nice to jot down what you may do for that days challenge.

<-----  (click her photo for direct link)

I have created it for you free in personal size. Just print and cut on the print lies. Make sure to tag #MrsBrimblesOctDaily in your posts. You can follow with me on IG @ TheVelvetFilo I try to follow as many people back as I can :)

Click photo for free printable

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Webster's Pages Color Crush Planner in A5 Floral

Sunday, September 18, 2016

When I saw this beautiful planner seek peek on Webster's Pages Instagram account, how could I not swoon over it? Normally I don't care much for the Floral type of patterns but this one really caught my eye. 

It is an exclusive design only sold at Jo-Ann Stores. They previously have sold a few of the other designs but my JoAnn's never carried them. With the planners being limited editions not all JoAnn stores were shipped the planners. This time I figured I would give it a try if I could get a hold of the sku number. The sku number is like an item number associated with the item for easy look ups in there system. Thanks to a lovely gal on Instagram I was able to locate the sku number. 

After calling my local JoAnns I learned that another store in my state might possibly carry it, so I thought why not call them and give it a try because all they can do is say no. Long story short I was able to locate the planner thanks to the sku number. I found one at a JoAnns over three hours away. The lovely associate pulled it off the shelf and took my order over the phone. I was even able to use a 40% coupon so ladies and gentlemen don't forget your coupons! For an $8.00 shipping fee they were able to ship it to my house which arrived in 2 days! FedEx package handling was terrible because my box was extremely all bent up but thanks to great packaging material my planner came out just fine. 

The planner cost $54.99 since it was a Planner Kit. With my 40% off which took off $22.00 plus my $8.00 ground shipping, and tax my total came to $44.00. Keep in mind if you have a JoAnns that carries the planner near you, you can do ship to store for free which will save you $8.00. Since mine was three hours away and I couldn't travel at the time I figured it was worth the fees. 

Here are some close up shots of the inserts in the planner Kit. For some reason I had to take these photos 3 separate times then had to adjust them a bit. I'm not sure why they are hard to see but it gives you a basic overview. The monthly inserts and weekly inserts are undated so you can start them at any time.

There is one flaw to my planner which may bother a lot of you. I had major gaps in all of my rings. Some of the biggest gaps I've had in a planner. I'm hoping that maybe I can pinch them together or find a way to fix them without hurting the binder? If you have any suggestions please let me know.  Also the clasp if you aren't careful when you try to open it you can pull off the back of the button. I would take it easy when you try and open it. 

Lastly I uploaded a video on my YouTube channel of an "unboxing"  since I ordered the planner over the phone. You can view it by clicking my photo below.

Here is the SKU #608807000058 Item #A5PK001-MF Mint Floral A5 Planner Kit.

Until next time,  

Self Care September Photo Challenge with The Reset Girl

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Hello September I am so happy to see you! Please bring me warm apple cider and hot chocolate. Cooler temperatures and changing of the beautiful leaves off the trees. Hay rack rides at the pumpkin patch and speaking of pumpkin I'll take anything flavored with the name Pumpkin in it. Most importantly I must stock up on my favorite Bath and Body works candle, Cinnamon Sugar Doughnut. My favorite scent ever!   

Is it just me or when it's the first of a new month do you always feel like you need to make a change or do something different? I certainly do but nine times out of ten I don't end up following through with that. This month will be different I feel in part to do with a new challenge hosted by Cori @ The Reset Girl

Cori is hosting a different kind of challenge this month called Self Care September. It will be a 30 day photo challenge complete with a daily prompt that you will post on Instagram under #TRGSelfCareChallenge. Each prompt posted will be whatever you interpret that as. There is no right or wrong answer so it's completely up to you on what you feel that word of the day means.  

On a personal level, I have dealt with depression for over 25 years of my life. I can go years without much of a major issue or some days it can be a daily or hourly struggle. As a mom to four children my attention has always been on them and myself "Juli" has always been on the back burner. Last few years everything has become worse for me now including anxiety and I've recently been diagnosed with migraines. The thought of taking some time out like a month to do some "Self Care" might actually be the thing I need because if we don't take care of our self's first then we wont be any good to anyone else. 

To go along with this IG challenge Cori has created some wonderful printables that we can print out and use along with this months challenge. She also will be sending out additional freebies on her blog and a weekly video series about self-care. To view all of these wonderful goodies please click below to check out her blog post:

If you decide to join us please comment below with your IG name so that I can follow along with you :) It's always fun to start a new challenge with a few online buddies. 

Until next time, 

My cat peed in my subscription box and it's not a joke

Sunday, August 28, 2016

The title seems like a funny catch line just to reel you in but the truth is ... Its not a joke. See by the evidence below.. (Color hidden in black and white to mask it's beauty)

Not long after I completed my last blog post regarding the unboxing of the beautiful August kit, I sat it down on my office desk with the lid open just as it appears. I haven't been feeling well since recently diagnosed with migraines but I knew it would be safe on my office desk. My children know not to touch my office items that I'm working on. 

Fast forward five days later to today. I am getting over a current sinus infection but I felt like looking through the kit again so I can start making dividers for my Filofax. I picked up the beautiful charm and it was nasty with a terrible smell. Took me only five seconds to realize what it was....

My cat peed in my Planner Society box!!! 

My Cleo.. my furry friend.. the love of my life. My best cat I have ever owed had peed in my box. I do have a boy cat Tom but I think it was Cleo. The other night I saw her on my desk sniffing the box but thought nothing of it. She has never peed some where she shouldn't, I mean shes a cat. Cats are trained to go in the litter box from the earliest stages of life. Worse of all with me not feeling well it sat like that in the box for two or three days. (Insert the biggest sad face ever here) :( 

Three things happened to be saved and it was only because they weren't in the box. The brown burlap bag the cute charm came in. The pen and one of the paper clips. I had them in my purse already. 

I posted what happen in the main #plannersociety Facebook group and many lovely ladies had several suggestions of what I can try to do to save a few of the the items. I have everything in a sack sitting out (so no cat will touch it again) but I really think I'm going to trash it. Its not worth it trying to clean them. If you have ever smelled cat pee before then you know how hard it is to get out. 

I wanted to post this for all others out there. Watch all your good craft items not only from your children but your pet's as well. You never know when someone might come up and pee on them!  I have to laugh though dont you. Learned my lesson from this gal right here.

She's a rescue and I could never be mad at that face :) 

Until next time, 

Scarlet Lime Planner Society Kit Unboxing August 2016

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Hi, I'm back! I know I've been away for far to long but I'm happy to say I'm back with lots of new ideas. Starting this month I will be kicking off a new monthly subscription box I started subscribing to.

Scarlet Lime Planner Society Kit is a monthly subscription box. It is designed to work with all types and styles of planners. The kits aren't month specific or themed which means you can use them anytime you want which I absolutely love. Christy Thompson is the main designer be hide Scarlet Lime.

Each month the kits will include 6 sheets of cute scrapbook paper which are double-sided so you can make dividers using each design if you so wish. Other items vary but they can include cute paper clips, stamps, note pads, page flags, pens, embellishments, etc. What I love most is that all items are 100% exclusive by Christy and her design time. They aren't items you can find any where else.

There are four different subscription offered:
  • The Planner Society Kit Club $24.95 plus shipping
  • The Sticker Society $16.50 plus shipping
  • The Box Sticker Society $17.50 plus shipping
  • The Washi Tape Society $13.95 plus shipping 
  • SHIPPING: U.S. $5.95, Canada & Mexico $8.95, all other International $12.95
If you are a current planner society member you can add different kits on for a discounted price. Please see her website for more detailed information. 

To visit Christy's website and to sign up for planner society monthly subscription just click the link below

The theme for the month of August was a "Nautical theme" Anchors, star fish, sea horses, beautiful floral's in blue, pinks and reds including my favorite the navy and white strip make this months box magical.

Included in the kit:
  • 6 double sided scrapbook papers
  • 1 sheet of puffy stickers
  • 2 sheets of custom designed nautical stickers
  • 1 set of wooden stamps with 6 designs
  • 1 roll of washi tape in a beautiful dark and light blue floral design
  • 1 small bag in a navy and white strip with a cute anchor on the outside. 
  • 1 planner charm - black and white bow with an anchor charm and hook that reads "hope" on the outside.
  • 3 paper clips in beautiful gold with 3 coordinating bows in the matching colors of the month.
  • 12 blank divider tabs with name tabs which can be used on the tabs or anywhere else you can think of. 
  • 1 0.5 black gel pen in coordinating colors.
  • 1 sticky note with a floral background and a mermaid tail stamped on the front.
  • 1 set of page flags with 5 designs: Remember, To Do, Take Note, Urgent, Important 
  • The last item is a set of wooden note cards. It was posted not long ago from Christy herself that this item was suppose to not be in the kit this month. Because of the change of humidity in the air they curled up and cant go back into place without breaking so they wasn't suppose to go in the packages, but that's okay because I still love them! Her husband was able to soak them in water and lay them flat between books and successfully got them to lay flat so who knows I just might try that. 
All of these beautiful items for $30.90! I know for some that can be a high price to take out of the budget each month. Honestly at this point I shouldn't be paying for it myself either but the quality of work and the details that go into Christys planner society boxes are amazing. If I had to pick one box or one big ticket item to purchase for myself and for my inner #planneraddict it would 100% be Scarlet Lime Planner Society Box. 

Until next time, 

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