First Filofax Blog Post - LePen Review

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hello everyone in cyber world! This is my very first blog post ever. I decided to share my addiction love of my Filofax and all the goodies that go a long with it! I plan on posting all the neat fun photos, and items I find to go along with my Filofax! Thank you so much for joining me :)

I thought for my first review I would review the LePens I just purchased. I've been wanting the Pilot Frixion erasable roller ball pens off for a while now but due to budget I've been unable to purchase them.. (Wish List) This weekend while shopping at Hobby Lobby to my surprise I found the LePens. I heard several filofaxers speak about the pens and I was so shocked I found them there. At first I only saw a 10 pack for $19.99! Woah that is a lot for pens but then I looked down and saw they carried them in a singles so I had to pick one up to try! 

As soon as I got home I had to try the pen out and boy was I impressed! They write so smoothly without any pressure at all. I was immanently hooked and knew I couldn't wait till next week to get the 10 pack set so.... I remembered I had a 40% coupon and hurried back across town to pick up the 10 pack. I got it for $11.99!

Currently in my Filofax I have the standard 1 week on two pages that came with my Filofax (A post about my Filofax to come soon) and I knew there was going to be a bet of a bleed through the paper but I love the pens so much that I didn't care. Welll... I forgot I had just ordered the cotton cream 1 week on two pages and it just arrived in the mail a few days ago! I much prefer the cotton cream paper. It's a little bit thicker and the marker type pens write much better without as much bleed through the paper. 

I had to take photos on my cell phone so it's hard to get a good look at the bleed through but I believe you sort of get an idea. 

The photos to the left and right are on the standard white paper that comes with your Filofax. 

 The second set of photos is the cotton cream paper. It's hard to tell on my photo but there isn't as much bleed through as the standard white paper.

I was holding up the paper because of my lack of light in my office so hopefully by my next review I will have better lighting so you can get a better sense of the bleed through. We don't like bleed through I know :)
Bottom line is these pens are a great set to add to any ones collection who enjoys pens. I plan on purchasing the bigger pack in the variety of colors on amazon very soon. 

Thanks again for stopping by and feel free to email me any time!! This is my first post so my website will be slightly under construction until I figure out how to work everything! LOL   :) 
~ Juli

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