First Filofax Giveaway: 100 Filofax Followers on Instagram

Monday, July 29, 2013

Wow! Is all that I can say! I have been on Instagram for a little under four weeks now and since then I have over 100 followers! That is absolutely amazing. The Filofax community on Instagram is marvelous!! It's fun to share ideas and see how others are decorating there Filofax. I mean who knew so many people out there was as crazy as me when it comes to decorating, collecting stickers and pens! I am so crazy with excitement that in honor of getting over 100 followers I have decided to do my own mini giveaway to show how much I adore my followers. 

Giveaway doesn't include a lot but.. It's the thought that counts right!? Who knows if my blog and instagram account grow even larger I will plan bigger and better giveaways and even an random RAK!! (Randon Act of Kindness) 

The Velvet Filo Giveaway includes 3 sets of the following:  

  1. Lisa Frank sticker collection. Includes 400 stickers.
  2. 1 sheet of "Rolly Polly Panda" which happens to be my favorite sticker out there!
  3. 1 set of Self-Stick Flags
  4. 1 roll of paper tape (Not all 3 sets the same)
  5. 1 Studio G stamp set (Not all stamps are the same)
Rules are as followed: 

1. Must follow me on Instagram @ TheVelvetFilo.
2. Please leave a comment below stating that you Love Lisa Frank!! Also Include your instagram name so I can contact you. 

That's All!! 
Contest ends on August 1 at 10:00 p.m. Central Time. Open to everyone.
Three separate winners will be chosen by
Only one person may win a package giveaway and if I'm unable to get a hold of a winner I will select alternators for the drawing.  

I really love to bring joy and smiles to everyone faces so hope everyone enjoys my giveaway! Please keep in mind this is my first giveaway so give me a little time to get everything wrapped up on August 1st. I will announce the 3 winners on my blog and Instagram on August 2nd.. My birthday! Yippiee! What better present to myself than to give away goodies. If you have any question please feel free to email me. :)

Until next time, 



  1. I LOVE Lisa Frank! Congrats on100 IG followers :)
    Thebeeskneesknits is my IG name

  2. I Love Lisa Frank! :D My IG name is Anne_J85

  3. I love Lisa Frank! Congratulations! My IG name is ADEGEAVOGUE

  4. Congrats on your IG success! Oh and I love Lisa Frank! Since everyone else put their iG name, mine is misselizabeth2u ��

  5. ����Congrats on 100+ well deserved���� have loved Lisa Frank for 30+ yrs Lol
    Thanks for this awesome chance at goodies ALTERED69 @ IG ����

  6. I love Lisa Frank!!! Those stickers remind me of my childhood, I had Lisa Frank notebooks and folders for school. Oh and my Instagram is ScissorsandSparkles. :)

  7. I loveeeeeeeee Lisa frank stamps thank you for doing the giveaway. My Instagram name is mommabear619. Hugsssssss. Kim

  8. I'm following you on instagram. My name on there is @dramaqueensmum. My daughter & I both love Lisa Frank.

  9. Congratz on your 100 IG Followers!!! thanks for doing this giveaway!!!
    I Loovveee Lisa Frank!!! and my IG is BQueenNails!!! ;)

  10. I have loved Lisa Frank since I was in 2nd grade and had a kitty cat Trapper Keeper full of Lisa Frank folder and pencil case. IG name is missacooper

  11. I *heart* Lisa Frank!
    From Monica_luis on IG

  12. I love Lisa Frank!!!! Wish I still had my childhood sticker collection.
    IG: OrganizedJacquese

  13. I love Lisa does my son, Kai. I've been following you on Instagram for a few weeks now. Just discovered Filofax and can't wait to get my collection going.

    1. Thank you Gabby :) can I get your IG name so I can put that on my list. Thank you and good luck :)♥

  14. I love Lisa frank and have been a fan for over 20 years. My IG name is @asouthernladysr

  15. Love your instagram feed! I've been looking for these lisa frank stickers after I saw them on IG. :)
    @stacyrod on IG.

  16. I love lISA Frank!!I am Brand new to Filofax & I'm still looking for myself the perfect one!!
    I am a new follower!


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