Free Personal Filo Fax Printable - Honey Do List

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hello Again, I have created another free personal size Filo Fax printable I would like to share with everyone. A very cute Honey Do List! For those of you who have never heard of a honey do list, It is a list usually filled out by one spouse given to another spouse with a "gently" list of chores to be done around the home. 

Between my husband and I we always have an inside joke about a "Honey Do" list. He works weekends and night shifts between my day shifts so that we don't have to pay daycare for our youngest child. Anyone with children know how extremely expensive daycare is, which I understand because you want the best for your child. Anyway I would make him a pretend honey do list of things I wanted him to do during the day. Luckily my husband is very kind and doesn't mind me making a list. If he completes them all or not.. that is another story ;) 

I thought it would be fun to create a cute printable for my Filo Fax. Now my husband doesn't have a Filo Fax nor does he read mine but I could always print it out and leave it on the fridge for him. OR you totally could keep the list for your self. Maybe you have your own honey do list to complete or maybe you just love bubble bees! Whatever it is I sure hope you enjoy my free printable. 

Just remember this printable is for your personal use in your FiloFax only. 

Click above for my Honey do list or check out my other printables at my link above.

Until next time, 

My Second Giveaway Winners- Lisa Frank

Wow it is totally amazing what Instagram has done in helping me boost not only my blog but also my confidence. I wanted to thank all my amazing followers by offering another giveaway. My first giveaway seemed to be a huge success with all the comments about my Lisa Frank stickers. I thought why not have a full Lisa Frank giveaway and see what I could find to give away! Let me tell you once I started looking I found L.F. all over the place! It's making a come back it seems. The ten year old little girl in me was so excited for this giveaway!

It was a huge success! I made over 100 new followers in just one week! I want to give a big congratulations to the three winners:

1. Insanechicka33
    2. Heidilizabeth1985
   3. Lexi_hammonds 

Again thank you to all the great followers on Instagram. Stay tune I have a new video being posted this week about my washi tape storage. And a few new free filofax printables! 

Until next time, 

Free Download Filofax - personal Weekly Menu

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I'm very excited to show you my next creation. I've been working on more printables to share to all the Filo Fax community. This particular one is a Weekly Menu list. I wouldn't really consider it a menu planner more like a list of what you're making for the week. I have a download with lines to seperate the days and I have a download without the lines. Everyone has a difference preference.  I plan on making a matching grocery list and maybe some type of menu planner though I need ideas on what you would like to see on it.

You can view the printabes here or click my free printables link above.

If for any reason you're unable to open it please let me know. I'm self taught and new to creating Filo Fax printables which means I love feed back! I'm working on a cute "Honey Do" list that I will be posting in the next few days. 

Thanks for all the support from everyone!! :)

Until next time

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