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Saturday, September 28, 2013


Hey everyone I'm back with a free printable for your Filofax or whatever you want to use this for! It doesn't have to go in a Filofax I do want to point that out. Not everyone has a Filofax you may have a Kate Spade, Day-Timer or Franklin Covey. Whatever it may be please feel free to use my free printable. 

I was scrolling through Pinterest like I usually do and came across this quote. Note to Self: Relax! You are enough. You have enough. You do enough. I just loved that quote and thought the words reminded me of myself. A Lot of times I get so busy with four kids, full time job, full time job cleaning the home, etc that I never really relax and enjoy what I have. I see new washi tape at the store and I feel like I HAVE TO HAVE IT! I see someone with a new purse that I love and I feel like I HAVE TO HAVE IT! Deep down we all know I really don't. I'm trying to teach myself and my children that it's not about the material things that count. It's about each other and having this wonderful quote I thought would work perfect in my Filofax. 

When you open you will notice I have placed the quote twice on the page. Normally due the size restrictions with a personal Filofax I will have the item twice on the page to save paper. So you will have 2 quotes for 2 Filo Faxes or in case you want to have a back up or hang on to it in case something happens to your other. Whatever you do please enjoy. I would like to hear and see photos of your quotes if you have time to share them. 

You can download  Note to Self here or click on my free printables link at the top.

Until next time, 

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