Checkbook register for personal size Filofax

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Hey I just opened my etsy store!! Pretty exciting for me but before you get to excited I only have one item currently in my store LOL. I know right.... why open the store with 1 item? Well I was so excited that I couldn't wait. For those of us that are new to creating printables they are a lot of work and not easy at all. I wanted to see how my checkbook register would do and if anyone was interested in it so that is why I decided to open my store.

My current item is my Checkbook Register. I know in today's age we have digital everything and there are millions of checkbook registers. Personally speaking though I still love to write down my purchases in my register. For me it's a lot easier to track. Your phone could get lost, your tablet could break, your checkbook software could crash. You just never know.

As you can see I created a colorful yet very useful checkbook register for your personal size filofax OR if you measure your current planner it may fit a few others like day-time or Kate Spade. You just have to print it out and try yourself.

Please note that if you want to save printer ink you can always print this out in greyscale. Honestly that is what I do with my copies to save ink. But sometimes it's fun to show color! 

Currently I am working on creating an A5 size to match and maybe a pocket if I can get it to fit! I have many other items in the works for the store so make sure you bookmark my page and checkback often!

Until next time, 


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    1. Thank you very much! I hope to have the A5 set up on my etsy shop today! :)

  2. Nice post........It’s a good idea to use your check register as a backup system even if you trust that your bank is keeping track of things for you.order bank checks


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