Filofax Page Decoration Month End Review - September

Monday, October 14, 2013

Already almost into the third week of October! I love FALL so much! It's one of the best time's of the year I think. The colors, the pumpkin smells, the cooler air. It's like heaven to me. I'm back again with another month of page decorations for September.

Week 1 September 2nd - September 8th

For this week  I did a green and black theme with frogs, lizards and turtles! Who doesn't love reptiles? We'll I do if they are cute and small like a turtle. Otherwise I will be on the other side of the room.. thank you! LoL. For half of the weekend I was at our states State Fair with my work. I had a good time helping out but MAN WAS IT HOT! I'm talking 115 with the heat index no a/c type of h0T!!. Friday night I almost passed out but I think it was because I didn't drink enough water and I was wearing jeans! Saturday and Sunday I made sure to drink lots and dress cool. Still Sunday though it was one of the hottest times in my life being outside! All for a good cause though!

 Week 2 September 9th - September 15th. 

 (picture won't flip)
This week I went with a theme to go with the thicker orange, yellow, and green washi I got. I like the page decorations but I ended up getting really sick after coming back home so I didn't get much written down. 

 Week 3 September 16th - 22nd 
(picture won't flip again) 

This week's theme I based off the pretty floral washi tape with red roses. For the life of me I can't recall where I bought this or if someone gave it to me? I got a few new stamps I was playing around with as you can see I need more practice. I got some of the edge on the paper. I bought the snoopy note pad set from Michaels on sale for $1.50. It didn't go with the theme but I was able to write down a lot of my "to dos"

Week 4 September 23rd - September 29th  

(won't flip the photo yet again...)

This weeks themes is one of my favorites! I'm from Kansas and not much of a cowboy fan but I sure do love these stickers! I thought my red plaid washi tape went nice with this theme. I also was able to use some of my new thin washi tapes I ordered from! So Cute!!

That's all for the month of September. With only four weeks it for sure wasn't a fast month. With school back in full swing I was surely busy! Hope everyone had a wonderful September. 

By the way if anyone knows a trick to flip these photos around will you please let me know? I have tried saving them in all kinds of programs and they refuse to flip :( 

Until next time, 

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