New Video: Scrapbook Etc, Michaels and Happy Mail

Saturday, November 23, 2013

I'm back with another video! I stopped by a local Scrapbook store because I was looking for some cute Thanksgiving stickers. All the one's I've seen at Michaels and Hobby Lobby weren't what I was looking for. While I was inside... WOW So many neat goodies!! I'm not sure why I haven't stopped in there before. A lot of the items were higher priced but if you really think outside of the box, there are many neat items you can use in your Filofax!

Click here to watch my video --->

On a side note I'm slowly working on a video recording studio and working on getting an actual camera so my videos will have better quality. Thanks for watching :)

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Filofax Page Decoration Month End Review - October

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Thanksgiving is in 2 weeks! WHAT! Someone please stop time. It seems the time is flying faster and faster every year. I hope everyone has enjoyed the beautiful fall weather. It has been beautiful so far. If only it was Fall all year long that would be the best. Don't you agree?

I am a few weeks late on this post but better than never correct :)

Here are my Filofax page decorations for October!

Week 1 (40) September 30th - October 6th  

For this week I went with a lady bug theme as you can see. I got the stickers at either Wal-Mart or Michaels. It was so long ago I don't recall. I do love and use it often. 
Week 2 (41) October 7th - October 13th 

I must say I think of all the pages I have deocrated thus far I think this weeks theme is my favorite! Mary Poppins!! Who doesn't love Mary Poppins. I got these stickers at Hobby Lobby on sale and I knew right away they would make a perfect theme page. I used the pretty blue Sidney skyline washi on the bottom and the bicycle washi in the middle. Many people messaged me saying how pretty it was and I don't do this often but I do agree. That friday I opened my email and I saw that my page had made it on the Filofax UK mass email that was set out for the week! I was so excited!!! Here is the photo I posted on my Instagram account. See that is my page!! LOL I just love that. Made my whole week!

Week 3 (42) October 14th - October 20th

 I got these Debbie Mumm stickers at a thrift store awhile ago and I thought they would make a great page. I don't really like the way it turned out. This is probably my least favorite page of the week. We had free tickets to Elmo live so I'm sure my 2 year old daughter had a great week :)

Week 4 (43) October 21st - October 27th 

This weeks page happen by accident. If I'm deocrating and not happy normally I try to fix it up but this week I was so unhappy that I took everything off I had done and re decorated it with this fall theme. You can't see but that is mostly why I have the huge stickers LOL. turned out great though.  

Week 5 October 28th - November 3rd

Last of the month is Halloween of course!! I had to get Halloween washi tape and stickers to match of course! I also started a new design where I separate out each day by drawing a semi line with circles down the middle. I really like it. Hope everyone had a great Halloween!

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Congratulations to my third giveaway winner!

Monday, November 11, 2013

As you know I hosted my third giveaway in honor of 500 followers on Instagram! I'm still amazed at hitting 100 followers well alone 500 Followers.

In my previous post here ---> click here you can see everything I gave away in a huge Smashbook giveaway. It was a much bigger success that I had imagined! I had a total of 346 entries. WOW lots of Smashbook lovers out there :) 

Winner was @karlardz_01!! Congratulations again :) 

Until next time,

October Filofax photo a day challenge Overview

Monday, November 4, 2013

If you recall last month I posted that I have decided to do four Instagram challenges. Sadly I didn't finish two of them. Doodle a day and Photograph a day. I'm only missing 5 or 6 days on both so I might go ahead and finish them and then re post them later. It was a lot of work but it was fun doing the challenges.

**WARNING Graphic Heavy

Here of the photos for Filofax photo-a-day:

1. First Love

2. Go-to

3. Where's your planner now?

4. Up close & personal

5. Brand

6. Rings, Rings, Rings!

7. Doodle it

8. Paper

9. Black and White

 10. Charming

11. Favorite part

 12. Planner paparazzi

13. How many?

14. With someone speical

15. Addiction

16. An event

17. Top 5 

18. Yay, for fridays!

19. In your pen loop

20. Appointment

21. Somewhere relaxing

22. Baby

23. Happy Hump Day

 24. Gotta have it!

25. Your plans this weekend

26. Whatcha doin? 

27. Nature Shot

28. Something pretty

29. Pattern 

30. Sideways

31. A treat 

If anyone who has a blog through blogger and knows how to title the photos like 3 photos in a line, Can you let me know? Thanks :)

Until next time,

Smashbook giveaway in honor of 500 followers

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Wow! Wow! Wow! That is all I can say. It feels like not long ago I was celebrating 200 followers and now I have reached over 500 on my Instagram account!! Thank you so much to the Filofax community. It feels so great to be a part of a community where we all love the same thing and are allowed to share ideas, projects, etc. 

In honor of 500 followers I am doing my third giveaway! A collection of items to start your very own Smash book. For those of you who may not be familiar with what a Smash book is, it's like a blank journal that you can do WHATEVER YOU WANT with it. Inside the book is a little quote (I guess you call it) about the Smash book. It says this, " It's OK just smash it in. There's always room, just like the junk drawer. Nothing's right :) Nothing's wrong :( Its all YOURS. We say glue in the gladness. A note a "quote". A thought to Jot. A snipping, a clipping, the idea that's caught. A card, a regard, a tidbit, a smidgen. A doodle of a poodle or the feather of a pigeon. Its the smatterings of ordinary, extraordinary life. Messy and Beautiful." I just love that :) 

Here is all the items in my Giveaway:

I am doing 1 package giveaway this time. It is open everywhere including international. The items pictured above are:

  • 1 K&Company Smash book - Retro Style Includes a pen/glue pen 
  • 2 K&Company Smash 30 sheet list pads. (like journaling cards) Entertainment & Quotes
  • 3 K&Company Smash washi tapes. (pictured on bottom row)
  • 1 K&Company Smash clips - 12 pieces (small arrows)
  • 2 K&Company Smash stick notes - 70 pieces each
  • 1 K&Company Smash clips - 6 pieces 
  • 1 K&Company Smash paper clips - 20 pieces You can create your own label
  • 3 15mm DIY Delights washi tape in 3 different designs and colors
  • 1 Advantus Pencil pouch from Target
  • 1 set of my favorite Paper mate pens in the world!! Love them!  
The rules are very simple: 

1. Follow me on my Instagram account @ Thevelvetfilo
2. Find the photo under my page and repost the photo with the hashtag #thevelvetfilogiveaway 

My giveaway is open from November 3rd 2013  thru November 9th. It will close at 8:00 p.m. Central standard time.  

If you are new to Instagram and need any help with re posting just shoot me an email.  

GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!! Thank you so much for following me :)

Until Next time, 

TheVelvetFilo is now on Facebook

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Hey everyone!

Just a real quick post today. I wanted to share that I am now on Facebook. One of the last people it seems I know! I don't normally get on Facebook other than for an occasionally printing of a coupon. I noticed a few posts on Instagram about a filofax community on Facebook? So I thought I would check it out and join. 

Until next time, 

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