October Filofax photo a day challenge Overview

Monday, November 4, 2013

If you recall last month I posted that I have decided to do four Instagram challenges. Sadly I didn't finish two of them. Doodle a day and Photograph a day. I'm only missing 5 or 6 days on both so I might go ahead and finish them and then re post them later. It was a lot of work but it was fun doing the challenges.

**WARNING Graphic Heavy

Here of the photos for Filofax photo-a-day:

1. First Love

2. Go-to

3. Where's your planner now?

4. Up close & personal

5. Brand

6. Rings, Rings, Rings!

7. Doodle it

8. Paper

9. Black and White

 10. Charming

11. Favorite part

 12. Planner paparazzi

13. How many?

14. With someone speical

15. Addiction

16. An event

17. Top 5 

18. Yay, for fridays!

19. In your pen loop

20. Appointment

21. Somewhere relaxing

22. Baby

23. Happy Hump Day

 24. Gotta have it!

25. Your plans this weekend

26. Whatcha doin? 

27. Nature Shot

28. Something pretty

29. Pattern 

30. Sideways

31. A treat 

If anyone who has a blog through blogger and knows how to title the photos like 3 photos in a line, Can you let me know? Thanks :)

Until next time,

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  1. Hi Juli, what a nice filo blog you have :) I bought my first Filofax 2 weeks ago. Now I have 3 and I MUST have one more....


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