Filofax Page Decoration Month End Review - November 2013

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Hey there!! I'm back again with another month end page decoration review.  Christmas is 2 weeks away, I've hardly bought any presents and my family and I just got over the flu. So much left to do and so little time so here we go with my month review! :)

Week 1 (45) November 4th - November 10th 

I was really excited to start week 45 because I developed a brand new week on 2 pages concept I wanted to use. You may or may not know but you're always changing your filofax process. A little bit of tweeking here and there always happens until you find what is right for you. I've owned a filofax for 10 months now and I can honestly say I still don't have it how I want it but I'm getting closer. 
I created this week on two pages with specific things in mind. I wanted room to add my washi tape since I do that every week. I bought a new stamp at the top left hand corner where I wanted room to put that. I then designed a blank area on the bottom right that says Don't Forget and also has empty room. I then printed it out double sided on card stock and I just love it! Really works perfect and with the card stock I can use any type of paper and not have to worry about bleed through. I hope to put up this layout on my etsy store very soon.I decorated with cute fall stickers I found at Micheal's for $1.49 and fall colored washi tape.

Week 2 (46) November 11th - November 17th

At target I found these cute squirrel stickers in the $1.00 bin so I thought why not make a theme week right?! If you have followed me for a while you will notice I normally decorate around the season and what stickers I have. While at Target I came across some Halloween washi tape on sale which happen to have Wood looking washi tape! LOL so funny I thought it went really well with the squirrel theme. I added coordinating green color washi and thought it all went together. :)

Week 3 (47) November 18th - November 24th

Well considering my yard was covered in leaves all over the place I thought it would be good to use my "leaf" washi tape. I ended up getting a bunch of new washi on sale for $1.29 at Jo-Ann's 2 of which had leafs on them One was the green down the middle and the other one is the washi at the bottom. It's hard to see but its a lighter style with little birds and leafs. I coordinated with my other fall stickers I had to complete the week. 

Week 4 (48) November 25th - December 1st

Thanksgiving has come and gone. You plan for several weeks and within a day it's gone. With black Friday starting on Thanksgiving Thursday it's hard to enjoy the whole day but we had a wonderful thanksgiving in our new home. I found these adorable Thanksgiving stickers at a local Scrapbook store. They was a little pricey at $2.99 but I think they was well worth it. I also spent a little more than I wanted on the brown poke-a-dot washi at $3.99 but I haven't ever seen that before online or in a store. Turned out to be a cute week. 

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