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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Hey I'm here!!  No I haven't ran away if any of you have been curious. Super.. Super busy as all of you are I'm sure. It's hard to find time to blog. Since today we are snowed in I thought it would be a perfect time to make an appearance.

Recently for the past few months I have been creating planner pages to fit my needs and then printing them out on a basic white card stock I find at Micheal's or Wal-Mart. And I am loving it!!!! I love it so much because there is zero bleed through. If you are a pen freak like me you know you love all kinds of pens, markers with different styles of ink.

I started this new year 2014 with trying out the Filofax personal monthly on 2 pages. I have never tired them before and since they was on sale last month I thought I would give them a go. Sadly though (Sorry Filofax) I'm just not feeling them. The paper is very light weight and lots of my pens would bleed through. 

Here is how the pages are standard and then here is how I decorated.

Since I have been successfully using card stock to print out my other pages I thought I would give it a go at making my own calendar.  I have created a personal size monthly calendar that is free of all things fancy. Don't get me wrong I love nothing more than cute fancy calendar pages but since I have got into decorating my own pages lately I needed something with room to decorate.

Simple yet functional and room to deocrate! That's what I enjoy the most. If you are interested in downloading please see my etsy store here or click my icon located on the right side of my page.I will be creating A5 very soon and if interested I will try and create a full dated yearly calendar.

Until next time, 

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