New Etsy Item: Filofax Personal Note Set

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Hey I'm back with a new item for my Etsy store. I had several requests for a notes printable with lines to match my WO2P (Week on 2 Pages). Can be seen here -->  

 Soooo I created a Note Set to tie in with the bright colors. Here are the examples:

My First set is a To Do section. Lets face it we all dislike our "To Do's". They can go for pages and pages but I find if I write them down on pretty paper that always helps :) Plus another great tip I've learned is to work in small steps. Set smaller goals for yourself. If you start out with a huge list of 50 to-do items you will feel over whelmed and be lucky to get 10 of them done. So it's best to write down 10 or (17 since I created 17 lines) however many you feel you need. Start slow then work your way up. You may be surprised how great you feel after accomplishing that first task.

Secondly I have created a Notes printable with lines. Over the last year  or so I've gotten really into sharing my love of planners and all things such I have found it pretty cool how everyone is different regarding "lines" or "no lines". Everyone has a different style of writing and a different way they like to journal or write. Personally I prefer the lines because I think it forces me to write in a straight line and in the end it looks cleaner. You could use this for jotting down quick notes, keeping track of a meal plan for a birthday party or event. You could use it as your journal pages or whatever you see fit!

Thirdly to tie into the "lines" or "no lines" I have created a blank note section to match. There are so many different uses for a blank note section that it makes me wonder, What are you favorite ways to fill up a blank section? Let me know in the comments below I would love to hear.

A few ideas I considered was doodling. I have a true love for art, sadly though it doesn't show much anymore. Life has been about the kids which doesn't give much time to create art anymore BUT I have found a neat way I may be able to tie that back in. It's called the Documented Life Project. I won't go into too much detail now because I plan on working on this project and posting more about it later but you can find the details here at this blog.  

Another idea I want to read more about is bullet journaling. I know a lot of people use Moleskin journals to do bullet journaling but if you're just needing a few items to write down I think this blank note section would make a perfect fit in your Filofax, Day-Timer, Franklin Covey or whatever planner you use :) 

I hope this printable finds useful to you out there. If you have an idea for a printable you would like to see just drop me an email. I'm still learning to create and I'm not very fast yet but I will do my best to create you what you need. All my details are in my Contact me section above. 

Until next time, 


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