New Video: Filofax Unboxing Domino Personal Patent leather in Hot Pink & Turquoise

Sunday, February 22, 2015

It was over ten years ago that I was sitting on my couch watching QVC. (I love purses) They had a New York & Company purse on in patent leather. Oh my goodness was it gorgeous!! It came in so many different colors, that I think my mouth was actually watering. Or does that only happen when you're thinking of food? :) Sadly, I never got to order it because I was dirt broke. My boys we're really little at the time and I was a single teenage mom. Ever since though I have had an extreme love for patent leather.

Last year I saw Filofax launched a new line of Filo's and one was in patent leather!!! You can imagine how excited I was. I never bought it though, because I've been really sick and I wasn't using the ones I already had.

Last week I thought I'd check to see if the new spring collection had arrived. It did :) Not only was the Hot Pink in personal size available but so was the new turquoise!!! The best part was they we're both in stock! I had to order them. They we're both calling my name =)

Click below to be redirecting to the video:

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