Final Results for: February Daily Instagram Challenge for Planners

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Today is March 1st and we are suppose to get another 2 - 4 inches of snow! :( Seriously... but in a few days it will be in the fifties so I  can't complain :) 

I had a great time doing the February Photo Challenge hosted by Mrs. Brimbles on Instagram. Thank you :)

I thought it would be fun to show my photos that I did for each day. I do apologize that the post is rather long. I'm still fairly new and I haven't figured out how to post more than one photo side by side. If someone does know I would love to find out :) 

Day 1 - February (Time to break out all the Valentines items)

Day 2 - Pizza My Heart (Husband drew the photo and I colored with watercolors)

Day 3 - Pink ( Super cute pink stickers)

Day 4 - Kisses (My Cleo has to be near me every night)

Day 4 - So Sweet (Super cute paperclip)

Day 6 - 'Tea-rrific! (Page Markers I made)

Day 7 - Crush ( I love all Papermate pens) 

Day 8 - Love Note (From my husband)

Day 9 - Pastels (From Target Dollar Spot)

Day 10 - Got the Bug (Ordered two new Filofaxes)

Day 11 - Love is ( Love these Stabilo Pens

Day 12 - Be Mine (Waiting for the mint stripe Color Crush!!!)

Day 13 - Chick Lit or Flick?! (One of my favorite movies ever)

Day 14 - Valentine ( My Valentines presents; Color Crush Planners)

Day 15 - I Heart ( I love owls A LOT)

Day 16 - Cuddle (How cute is this elephant sticker!)

Day 17 - I Love (I love my current planner collection)

Day 18 - Flowers (Mini Binder I got for $0.69 At a thrift store)

Day 19 - Sweets (Only Sweets I had in the house at the time)

Day 20 - All in the words (Who doesn't have a daily To Do list? :) ) 

Day 21 - Cute (How cute are these bacon stickers?)

Day 22 - Next Week (This was a sneak peek to next week)

Day 23 - Romantic (I SERIOUSLY love this Filofax Domino Patent in Turquoise!!!)

Day 24 - Red (Cute Smash book Page Flags I got a few years ago)

Day 25 - Chocolate (Can I have a magically cookie to shrink my waist line? :) ) 

Day 26 - Nearly Spring (Cute new Page Flags from Target)

Day 27 - Random (Love this picture I have hanging in my office)

Day 28 March ( Sneak Peek at my monthly March pages)

Until Next time,

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