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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

I recently discovered through Carie Harling that a Facebook group started One Book December. It originally started with One Book July but sadly I didn't hear about it till a few months ago. When I heard One Book December was going to form I got really excited and thought I would give it a try. 

The basic concept of One Book July was 1 book, 1 pen, 1 month which was created by Rhomany, Carie & Miss VickyB. You can find more detailed information on the following links below:
For One Book December you have the same concept but for planning / journaling it will be based around the Holiday Season. Rhomany has included Creative prompts for you to use in your journal and weekly planning prompts. The weekly planner prompts are designed to help you plan out your Holiday season so you aren't stuck a week before Christmas and wondering, "What do I need to still do?" 

Here are a few examples from the Creative prompts you can use:
  • Write a story about Rudolph's cousin who likes to sing.
  • Santa got your letter and he wrote back! What did he say?
  • The practice flight didn't go quite as planned & Rudolph ended up crashing at your house for the night! What's it like having a reindeer come and stay?
She includes 27 so you can answer them however you wish or as many as you choose. A fun idea I did was print them out, cut them up, then place them in a cute jar. Then grab a random one out of the jar and glue it down to a page in your journal. 

The reason I'm doing One Book December is because I love the "idea" of keeping a journal but I never follow through. I know others in the planner community are doing One book July or One book December because they have to many journals / planners they use at once. Breaking it down to the bare bones of planning in one planner is what most are wanting to accomplish. 

Currently at this time I mostly only use my Happy Planner but I don't currently have a journal. I thought what better way to start than with One Book December - Holiday edition. I can organize and plan out my holiday season while trying out some journaling and attempting a few doodles here and there :) 

If it sounds like something you are interested in, then I would differently check out the Facebook groups, links and google One Book July in YouTube. 

Stay tune because I will be updating with my week reviews. =o)

Until next time 

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