About Me

Hello All,

My name is Juli I am a 35 year old, wife to my husband of 8 years and mother to four wonderful children. I have 3 handsome boys they are 17, 16 and 11. Finally had my beautiful little girl who's 5 years old. She loves her big brothers and gives them nightly hugs! 

I'm born and raised in Kansas, USA. It's not the greatest but hey it's home!

I've had a love for office supplies and planners ever since I was a little girl. I can remember going to my mom's work and helping fill the office supply cabinet. It's some of my greatest memories! I'm weird I know :) I've never been happy with my planners or calendars. I have always felt like something was missing.. It wasn't until December in 2012 when I discovered what a Filofax is. Ever since then I haven't looked back! So grab a drink, comfy chair and get ready to explore the wonderful joys of owning a planner!

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